Welcome to ASPPIRE

Socializing can be a challenge. ASPPIRE strives to provide social supports and opportunities for adults.

ASPPIRE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization operating in the greater Lansing (Michigan) area.  In 2008, ASPPIRE started with one group and has now grown to have several groups in the Lansing area as well as one in Plainwell at the Michigan Career and Technical Institute.  ASPPIRE is committed to providing needed services for individuals with social and/or cognitive challenges.



  • Social coaching and social club
  • Pre-employment services
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Vocational assessments
  • Work experiences






  • Job coach training
  • Diversity training
  • Social coaching training







Office Hours by Appointment

808 W Lake Lansing Rd. Ste. 101
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: 989-272-2977
Email us at info@asppireofmidmichigan.com